2014 In Review,
and Looking Forward

2014 In Review, and Looking Forward

January3, 2015

Anneliese - Comments (0) - Adventures, Quilt Market

I wasn’t nearly as absent from here as I was in 2013, but I think the year in review stream of consciousness should become a tradition. Here’s your rundown of 2014.

Possibility was my word of the year and it delivered went to the zoo in the snow discovered there’s an Olympian named Annelies Eye Candy Quilts had traveled for their first trunk show in Grand Island started 16th and Baltimore and applique has taken over my life and the coffee table started my sad iron collection to make me happy tried on a $10 million dollar necklace bought a gorgeous antique quilt started working with the lovely Alyx of Everyday Adventures Photography so our quilts can have pretty pictures went to Crafthouse in Lincoln on Wednesdays because #onwednesdayswecrafthouse Babydoll tried to applique/eat 16th and Baltimore met the other icandyquilts got an old sewing machine and so the adventures of #sewingwithblondie began logo washi tape is a thing! partied with the other Eye Candy Quilter in Des Moines where I discovered my Dash Away All quilt in a booth which was surreal and fantastic and I washed pumpkins and I was stalked by a mountain lion and I joined my first mini quilt swap and Andover started sending us fabric to play with and NEXT SPRING WE’LL HAVE A BOOTH AT QUILT MARKET.

Freaking out all the way through fifteen.