April7, 2022

Anneliese - Comments (0) - Astrologika

Our next line with Andover Fabrics is called Astrologika.

Astrologika was inspired by horoscopes and constellations. Who doesn’t want to blame a bad day on Mercury being in retrograde (or Gatorade) or look to the stars for guidance. Astrologika is a cosmic mix of star signs, fortune telling, and celestial skies.

I also had a little too much fun writing all the fortunes for the Fortune Teller print.

And do you see the clouds?! We’ve got clear skies, stormy skies, and then clouds at sunset.

And then of course the star splatter print and the infinite heavens with all the astrological signs represented. And the floral. And the constellations. And they let me nap that blender Sky Net hahaha. It all chops up so good.

Astrologika is available for shops to order from Andover now and it will ship out in September. To see all the prints, click on over here to Andover’s website and start drooling. The stars say you should.