June26, 2014

I twisted my ankle during an exuberant bout of walking on solid ground in flats yesterday. And of course, it’s the ankle attached to the foot that runs the sewing machine. It’s times like these that I wish my sewing machine came with a knee-dohickey.

You know, people told me I was nuts for trying to put out two large applique block patterns per month. I stubbornly forged ahead, paying no heed to the fact that designing, selecting fabric, turning, and stitching the sample was a lot. Writing the pattern on top of it was just a little bit more, right? Now, I’m having to heed those little details of life (twisted ankle, pity me cough cough), and take more time.

What I’m trying to say is that I will get the blocks and patterns done as fast as humanly possible, and sometimes that will mean doing the whole two-blocks-a-month thing. Sometimes it won’t. Bear with me. It will be beautiful.