Detour Worksheet

Detour Worksheet

November14, 2016

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Yesterday I mentioned that you can tweak the Detour quilt ‘recipe’ to create a fun quilt out of leftovers. The first one I made using Alison Glass fabrics and leftover appliqué flowers. The center could be any size I wanted it to be, so I stuck with a finished 18″ square to give all my floral pieces room to breathe.

Glass Detour 1

I used fat quarters when I made this, just like with the Christmas version, so I cut the strips 1.5″ x the length of the fat quarter for 1″ finished strips. I mixed in Alison Glass’s Ex Libris, Sunprint, and Handcrafted lines to make everything sparkle. I even chopped up a panel to make the binding.

Glass Detour 2

I’ve also made this as a fierce quilt! Aka made it a mini quilt because the smaller the quilt the more concentrated the fun. For the center of my Fierce Detour, I used my prized Tula Pink Parisville heads.

Fierce Detour 2

I about hyperventilated when I fussy cut that center but anyway…The great thing when you do this as a mini, or even a regular throw quilt, you can use those giant prints that are so pretty and so hard to cut up. Make it a focus and splash all the other fun colors around it.

Fierce Detour 1

The worksheet below gives you instructions for how to make this setting work no matter your center block or your strip size. I showed it to Brenda and she said, “See, that’s why you take math.” If they had called it Quilt Engineering I think I would’ve been much more enthusiastic.

Detour Worksheet

If you have any questions, shoot me an email. And don’t forget #detourquilt for virtual show and tell!