Fabric Panic

Fabric Panic

July1, 2012

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Quilting is hard to understand and explain to outsiders. When I say outsiders, I mean those who give you the look when you come home beaming, arms full of new goodies from your latest shop hop. They just don’t understand why you needed that fat quarter, and it is a need. You see, I believe that most quilters will understand me when I explain my term ‘fabric panic’.

Fabric panic is that feeling of anxiety you get when that fabric that you want, the one you absolutely need  to make that quilt work, but you haven’t bought it because you’ve been trying to control the number of times you get the look when you come home, that fabric is almost gone. And you can’t get it anywhere else. Fabric panic happens when someone walks up to the counter and takes the rest of that bolt. Fabric panic also happens when you cross eyes with another quilter experiencing fabric panic and you both realize that there’s one fat quarter left on the other side of the shop, and a mad dash ensues. It’s really a rampant problem among quilters. So, to keep the cases of fabric panic at a minimum, I have a solution; buy that fabric. Right now. Don’t wait. Because you never know; the next time you visit your favorite shop, that fabric might have gone home with another quilter.