March29, 2018

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It’s no secret, we love to mix fabric. Big prints, little prints, batiks, yarn-dyeds, it’s all good stuff. Sometimes when you throw everything together it’s hard for each pretty fabric to show off in all its glory. That’s where Huddle comes in. 

A simple flip of the fabric placement creates a borderless quilt that allows every fabric to be a star. The name comes from penguins. Ok ok, let me explain. When penguins get together, they huddle up in a group. The penguins in the outside get chilly and the center penguins get toasty. Then the huddle rotates and the chilly penguins get a chance to be in the center and warm up. It’s always good to take turns, like the penguins, and huddle! We have Di Ford repro fabrics mixed with Carolyn Friedlander and Cotton and Steel mixed with Japanese taupes and it all works. So don’t be afraid to throw it all together.

And that quilting?! It was done by Valary Tieszen of On Point Quilts. Brenda told her to drop motifs like feathered wreaths on it like raindrops and pay no attention to the blocks. Just throw them anywhere.

Huddle finishes at 64″ x 64″.

You can get the pattern from Etsy here.

You can get the pattern from Craftsy here.