I Got the
IPad for Work, But…

I Got the IPad for Work, But…

April17, 2012

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It is way more fun to do non-work things on it.

1. Snapseed

This is a really cool and extremely user friendly app for photo editing. I could give you some very technical reason why I needed this app to take pictures of quilts and then tweak them and of course to put aforementioned tweaked pictures on the website. And I’ll get to that eventually. However, right now it serves the very important purpose of taking more dramatic pictures of my cats.




2. Temple Run

I’m going to call this useful as a de-stressing app, which of course everyone needs after working so hard on their iPads all day. The gist of it is that you are a tiny person running away from bad creatures, a la Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. As you trudge along you gain power ups and more coins and all that jazz. It entertained me for a good 2 hours.

Also, this may make it better: http://www.templeruncheat.com/.

3. iTunes U

It’s a school thing. I know. BUT! It also allows you to read various text books from universities for free. So, if you need a refresher on something like Spanish or you’re having a never-ending debate with your significant other about the pronunciation of the word ‘narwhal’, check into this. It gives you course content from leading educational institutions, which is pretty nifty once you think about it.