Made and Found
Quiltalong: Block 1

Made and Found Quiltalong: Block 1

February16, 2024

It’s here! We’re off with our first block from Made and Found. If you’re just joining in, it is the beginning after all, I went over the general plan and fabric requirements in our first post here, so make sure to check that out.

This is a nice easy block to start with. A couple of half square triangles and four patches and boom, you have your first block. I’m keeping my little swatch dots handy to keep track of my colors. I thought the little touches of gold on the aqua bobbins from Oracle were a really fun way to pull in that warm yellow color. And Giucy Giuce’s new motley print was the perfect color to go with the Tiger’s Eye color of Gemma. So in it went!

One note about the block patterns that’s different from how other Eye Candy Quilt patterns go; when we write patterns for half square triangles, we write them to be oversized by ⅛” and then squared up. The Made and Found blocks are written with exact measurements. If you want to have room to square up, then your big square measurements need to be 5 ½”. Also we press all our seams open, like the rebels we are.

Made and Found Block 1

Don’t forget to share your blocks on social media with #madeandfoundquilt and #madeandfoundquiltalong. They’re going to look so cool! See you for block 2 next week.