Made and Found
Quiltalong: Block 11

Made and Found Quiltalong: Block 11

April25, 2024

After two blocks of soft and quiet fabrics, because yes I can do a soft and pretty color combo, it’s time to get loud! And that means a little bit of maximalism and a little bit of color theory.

I know I know, minimalism is the super trendy thing for modern quilting. Having two or three colors only and either solid or teeny prints involved can make some beautiful quilts. They’re graphic, bold, and striking. But that’s not how we roll at Eye Candy Quilts. As a certified Fabric Magpie™, we pull in colors and prints and shiny pretty things. And there’s always room for more pretty things. In a sampler quilt, it’s easy to mix and add tons of different prints in. I mixed our cloud print from Astrologika (yes again, can’t stop won’t stop), Alison Glass, and Giucy Giuce. We all have a different style and it all works together.

To make a truly loud block, I knew that I needed not only a bit of maximalism but I needed a powerful color palette. Let’s talk color theory for a second. I used a complementary color scheme; a complementary color scheme is one where you pair colors opposite each other on the color wheel. For Block 11, I focused on yellow and purple. It gives you visual friction but everything still works in harmony.

Made and Found Block 11

The corner half square triangle units were the ones I adjusted to make the two-at-a-time and square up method:

  • Cut (1) colorful square at 4″ and (1) background square at 4″
  • Put right sides together and lightly draw a line on the wrong side of the lighter square
  • Stitch a ¼” seam on both sides of the line you drew
  • Cut on the line, press half square triangles open
  • Trim and square up half square triangle units to 3.5″

This block may be my favorite look so far. I’m a sucker for a good star block, though. Just look at the Eye Candy Quilts logo.