Made and Found
Quiltalong: Block 5

Made and Found Quiltalong: Block 5

March21, 2024

This is the first block that is really a two color block, a background and then whatever you choose.

I’ve been keeping my blocks tonal, for the most part, so even though I’m not making it as scrappy, it still blends. I also picked our Picasso print in Oak from Oracle, so all the tones of yellow and gold with the touch of aqua keeps it from looking chunky and heavy since the piecing is so simple.

Made and Found Block 5

I’ve seen some of the other hosts and designers of Made and Found use another fabric in the background four squares to create more of a wreath or donut shape, and that’s really cool looking. But I kept it airy and made it just the sweet little Shoo Fly block.

How are your Made and Found blocks coming along?