Put Another Ring On It

Put Another Ring On It

January9, 2014

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I first wrote about the Double Wedding Ring phenomenon on the Quilted Moose’s Blog on August 20, 2013.

Major quilt designers still seem to be enamored with it. And that makes me really excited. Really, really excited. Like half price fat quarters excited. You know what that means to me? People want to be challenged. Whether it’s one giant ring or a bunch of little ones, there’s no stupid-simple way to get it done. Curved piecing is one way to do it. Foundation paper piecing works. As does the evil T-word (templates). You can break the rules, you don’t have to be traditional, but I think every quilter-person should challenge themselves.

I really think that the NYC Modern Quilt Guild’s Double Wedding Ring Challenge, which had a deadline of December 1 2013, is the reason that it’s still popping up. Thank you, NYC Modern Quilt Guild, for putting this together and inspiring so many quilters to tackle something new.

Here are the links to see the quilts in each Double Wedding Ring Challenge Category.

Small Double Wedding Rings one ring, 20″ or smaller

Traditional Double Wedding Rings four rings

Modern Double Wedding Rings four rings or larger and anything goes

I also thought it was very considerate of the Guild to have a Double Wedding Ring Challenge the year that I got hitched. I dutifully dove into my very own modern Double Wedding Ring adventure. There was orange fabric and Kaffe prints and linen! Heavenly. Unfortunately, due to all the hubbub that goes along with getting married, my very own modern Double Wedding Ring got pushed to the side. Imagine that.

I’m using a combination of templates, applique, and a judicial application of chocolate for the emotional pain caused by the templates and applique…what was I saying about enjoying a challenge again?