Stitchaway Camp

Stitchaway Camp

June30, 2020

Anneliese - Comments (8) - Stitchaway Camp

Because why should the kids get all the fun?!

July is the 10th Anniversary of Eye Candy Quilts and of course we wanted to celebrate, and what better way than to sit around the campfire swatting at mosquitoes and nursing our sunburn. Wait. Nope, not that. We have a better way! Cue Stitchaway Camp!

We’ll have new goodies each week, but first let’s get through the Fourth. We’ll start up on Monday July 6th with our first activity on Instagram. See you soon, Campers!



  • Tracie Weeder

    4:10 PM, July 2020

    So excited to see what fun you have instore for us!

    • Anneliese

      12:48 PM, July 2020

      It’s going to be fun!

  • Sarah Thatcher

    7:41 PM, July 2020

    Oh Stitch Away Camp sounds amazing! I start chemo soon so this will be the perfect project to keep me occupied!

    • Linda

      12:45 PM, July 2020

      Ok I’m in! Sounds fun!

    • Anneliese

      12:48 PM, July 2020

      Perfect! So glad you can join us!

  • Heather

    2:58 PM, July 2020

    How do we join?

    • Anneliese

      11:43 PM, July 2020

      Just follow along on Instagram, and post prompts or see what’s happening with the blogs posts. It’s a low stress kind of camp!

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