The Time of Great Binding

The Time of Great Binding

March9, 2014

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We’ve been busy little bees over here in Candy Land. We’re finishing up projects, and getting them to the quilters. Then comes the most dreaded and feared part of any quilt…

Binding. Time. Duh DUH DUUUUUH!

I am the slowest binder in the universe. Ever. You see, I have hand problems. When I do binding, my hands lose mobility and turn into what I affectionately call my dinosaur hands; small, claw-like t-rex appendages. So then my binding situation gets out of control. I leave my quilts unbound, but fully quilted mind you, and call them part of the Deconstructionist Quilting Movement. Which is now a thing.

However, I still love the look of a hand-finished binding. It’s so pretty! So I’m sacrificing my hands to a good cause. The Eye Candy Quilters are hitting the road! We’re doing a trunk show at the Prairie Pioneer Quilters in Grand Island Thursday, March 13th at 6:00 pm.

Come by and see the show! We’re kind of hilarious.