We’re Fabric Designers for Andover!

We’re Fabric Designers for Andover!

October8, 2021

Anneliese - Comments (2) - Adventures, Quilts

We’re still in shock, in the best possible way.

I wanted to be a fabric designer since I was 15 and figured out that was a job. Going even earlier when I was nine and had to write our report on where we’d be in 20 years, I drew myself wearing a suit made out of a crazy quilt complete with platform crazy quilt shoes. So when we went to Quilt Festival when I was 18, I told everyone that I was going to be a fabric designer! And the vendors said, “I believe it! We’ll see you in 10 years!” 10 years?! Surely, it couldn’t take that long?


It’s been 15 years. In that time, my mom and I have bought a long arm (that’s what we thought Eye Candy Quilts was going to be, a long arming business), sold a long arm, written dozens of patterns, been published in magazines, and in general worked our tushes off for the thrill of petting the next new line of fabric. Because it is always a thrill.

We are so excited to start our adventure with Andover. They have been our favorite people to work and play with for so long! We are so grateful to them for taking the leap with us and holding our hand as we get started in the world of fabric design.

Stay tuned for the new lines (ha that’s right! Plural!!) that we’ll share soon, but you can check out our page on Andover’s site here.


  • Amy Robertson

    9:24 AM, October 2021

    OMG!I couldn’t possibly be more excited for you! I’m ready to buy! Love you guys!

  • Shellie Vandeman

    9:34 AM, October 2021

    Congratulations to you two! New adventures await!!

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