Wreathed FREE Quilt Block Pattern

Wreathed FREE Quilt Block Pattern

December8, 2023

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Hello and welcome everyone looking for our block on the Merry Makers 2023 quilt extravaganza! I’m going to put the link to the block right here, unlike all the recipe blogs where they take you on a very long winded tale before even telling you what ingredients to buy. However, we’re pretty funny, so keep reading as I tell you the tale of the Wreathed FREE Quilt Block Pattern.

Let me tell you a tale.

One of the things that always makes me think of the holidays is a wreath. I hang one on my door and put little twinkly lights on it to try and make it even more festive. So when we were brainstorming block ideas, a wreath was the first thing that came to mind. 

Our Wreathed free quilt pattern uses three fabrics; a background (our favorite constellation print from Astrologika), a center color and an outer color. We kept ours tonal with prints from the upcoming Ciao Bella line (that marble print is so good in every color) and then our basic line Dottir.

I wanted to pat myself on the back for a minute for designing something with enough space to show off quilting. I just plopped 9 blocks together real quick to see what they looked like and it would be great to add quilting motifs like stars or holiday things in the space in the background.

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    12:33 PM, December 2023


  • Nona

    9:13 AM, December 2023

    I’ve just found you guys !
    Your name….
    Your patterns…
    Your wit…
    All right up my alley and I Love it all !
    Thank you and a very Merry Christmas ❤️

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