16th and Baltimore: Block 3

Here it is, the next 16th and Baltimore block! With rich showy peonies and fragrant eucalyptus branches, this baby is all about fabric selection. Which I found out the hard way when I made my first peony and it looked like a big red blob. All that work and you don’t even see it?!? I don’t think so. I went back to the stash, and the fabric store, and added in more light and medium pinks for the ruffly peony center. This helped break it up from the outer petals. The eucalyptus branches just had three gray-green fabrics, a light, medium, and dark. That was the easy part.

16th and Baltimore Block 3

You can download the pattern from Craftsy here.

Or you can download the pattern from Etsy here.

I promised this next one would have leaves. Eucalyptus counts, right?


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