Fully Glazed

Fully Glazed

April13, 2014

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Fully Glazed is a small quilt. That’s not my fault. I know, I know, I like to make things small and fiddly and complicated. But this quilt is small and fiddly because it started out as a bonus project for a Jo’s Little Women Club session. And Jo Morton quilts are small. So really, those 1/2″ logs were just staying within the parameters of the club…

When the Eye Candy Quilters met up to design these little guys, the discussion went something like this:

Anneliese: Let’s do applique!

Brenda: No, let’s do piecing!

Anneliese: Ok, let’s do them both! But let’s make them fit into a 6″ block.

Brenda: You’re crazy. And you have some sort of sadistic quilting streak. What did these people do to you?!

Anneliese: It’ll be fun, I promise!

That’s how a lot of our conversations go, which is fine, because eventually we settle on a design that we really like. And isn’t that what quilting’s about? To make something you’re happy with at the end of the day?

So whether you find inspiration in bright Czech pottery, soothing earthenware, or sophisticated china, Fully Glazed will always come out a classic. The pattern contains full sized applique and instructions for two different borders.

Pattern Available.

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