Made and Found
Quiltalong: Block 13

Made and Found Quiltalong: Block 13

May9, 2024

As we’re officially one third of the way through the quilt along, I wanted to do two things:

  1. Take a look at some of the colors that I think I’m neglecting and make sure to include them in my blocks.
  2. Start creating more blocks that use multiple colors. For example, pink and orange together instead of just shades of orange.

Which is how we got to my color placement in Block 13 of Made and Found.

I’ve done an orange and pink block before, so to make sure I wasn’t repeating myself (though there’s nothing wrong with that, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it), I introduced some new fabrics; I pulled the darker burnt orange rosettes and terracotta marble print from Ciao Bella. And of course I brought back in my all-time-favorite Unphased print in Rose Quartz. I will hoard that print and put it everywhere, you can’t stop me.

Made and Found Block 13

And since this is just happy square, not half square triangles, I don’t have any notes or changes about cutting sizes to make the block. Woo! Except I pressed everything open because I always press everything open. Where are all my open-pressers at?!