Swap It, Swap it Good!

Swap It, Swap it Good!

December1, 2014

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The Eye Candy Quilters haven’t fallen off the face of the planet.

16th and Baltimore is very much alive and going strong.

Yes, there are exciting things in the future.

But right now, I’m going to tell you about a tidbit of excitement. I’m doing my first ever mini-quilt swap, and I’m as nervous as a turkey the day before Thanksgiving. Let me explain; I rarely give my quilts away. I feel like it’s giving away your favorite puppy that you’ve raised and taught manners and now it’s beautiful and well behaved and going to live with someone else who may not love it like you do…Ok, I’ll take a breath now…You can see that this prospect gives me a little bit of anxiety.

I’m easing myself into it with the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap. Basically you fill out a questionnaire detailing your quilting loves, hates, and in-betweens. Then the lovely Swap Mistresses read all 950 essays (Not an exaggeration. There are over 950 participants from around the world in this quilt swap.), and match you up with a quilter for whom you make a miniature quilt. And no one knows who has who until the swap is over. Talk about the biggest blind date in history!

This brings me to my mini quilt. I’m in love with my idea simply because I get to practice the freezer paper foundation piecing method I learned last month from a Michelle Yeo workshop I took. The fabric is the part that’s throwing me for a loop because it’s definitely outside of my comfort zone. But then again being shoved outside of your comfort zone is when very cool quilts happen! Here’s to hoping!

S & B Spill

And here’s to hoping I don’t spill another bottle of Best Press all over my project and make all the fabric bleed. Again.