Toaster Sweater: Version 1

Toaster Sweater: Version 1

May10, 2021

Anneliese - Comments (1) - Handmade Wardrobe

Let me start off by saying this: I DON’T LIKE THIS SWEATER.

This is the Toaster Sweater Version 1 by Sew House 7, and you can get your own copy here.


Firstly, the fabric I picked was last year for Me Made May and it was the height of Tiger King mania. It felt very appropriate to buy fabric with a large cat print for a quarantine garment. Like so many things over a year into a pandemic, I don’t want to think about it now. My taste in leopard print runs more Lisa Frank than Oklahoma animal park. Anyway! Fabric choice is a negative.

Secondly, the fit is not how I like to wear my clothes. I’m not quite pear shaped, but my waist is generally two sizes bigger than my bust and my hip is only one size bigger. Really, unless the fit is oversized, I should grade between sizes to make things fit as I like to wear them. I did not do that because I was tired and hashtag 2020. So the bottom band is snug and rides up and the shoulders are big. Not great.

Third, I’m still not sold on the funnel neck. 

Ok, let’s talk about the good stuff. All of the negatives for this Toaster Sweater lie squarely on my oversized raglan shoulders. The pattern is good and very clear and gives options for stitching on a regular sewing machine or a serger. And the Toaster Sweater gives two options, which makes this a very cost effective pattern. I think it’s a good staple, but it’s not a great out-of-the-envelope pattern for me. 


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