Yonder Quilt Along: Row 3

Yonder Quilt Along: Row 3

June15, 2019

Anneliese - Comments (0) - Yonder QAL

Back to the Hourglasses for Row 3 of the Yonder quilt along. Nothing new about this row since we did them a couple of weeks ago. You’ll need ⅓ yard of the color if you’re using all one fabric. Again, you can get by with ¼ yard IF, and it’s a big if, your fabric is completely on grain and you require no squaring up. That’s too hard for me to judge, so I go with ⅓ yard. This is what you’ll have left over.

The hourglasses go together so fast, you probably spend more time squaring up then making them to begin with. Squaring up is really the way to go though. It makes everything so accurate.

And don’t forget that your starting hourglass is a different direction than Row 1.

I’m also stitching my rows together as I go. That’ll work for the first couple at least. I think my gradient is working out well, but the camera has a really hard time with those bright warm colors!

I started with Tula’s All Stars, then Zuma, and now Pinkerville. It’s going to be a fun mix.