Good Queen Bess

I have always loved the Tudors (Not the TV series, although if someone is willing to lend it to me I will love those Tudors as well.). There are Tudor roses, squiggly starched ruffs, and Sonnet XVIII from the Bard himself. Someone pull out their lute and we’ll get this party started.  

Hard Frost

When I moved back to the Midwest, there was some culture shock and a lot of cold weather. But before the mountains of snow arrive there’s a quiet time of frosty mornings. It’s the time when everything surrounding you seems to have given up its colors.  

White Caps

Even warm seas get a little choppy, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful! This throw sized quilt has a crisp color scheme of creamy lights and dark blues. White Caps measures¬†52″ x 62″. 2.3.17 Update! New picture time. White Caps is the quilt that happens when you watch the new Pirates of the
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Isla is the first line designed by Eye Candy Quilts. Based off of corals from around the world, Isla uses bright tropical colors, contrasted with sun-bleached hues. Dive right in.