Made and Found
Quiltalong: Block 14

Made and Found Quiltalong: Block 14

May16, 2024

I have a confession (it’s not about how I’m not good at keeping to a quiltalong schedule, we all know that already).  If you’ve seen our quilts over the years, you may have noticed that we have a secret love of woven fabrics. We’ve snuck them in here and there in our quilts but we needed to bring some more into Made and Found.

Because this is essentially a block on point with pieced setting triangles, directional fabrics are going to go every which way. You can either embrace the multiple directions or let them freak you out. I chose to emphasize it even further with stripes, because why not?! The Mariner’s Cloth and Kaleidoscope woven from Alison Glass looked really pretty with the Picasso print from Oracle.

Made and Found Block 14

I didn’t have any changes with cutting instructions but my recommendation for this block is to try and be accurate and use a starch or starch alternative like Best Press. All of the bias edges from the triangles is towards the center, but without starch it’s easy to stretch them out and get a wavy edge on your block. So don’t be afraid to use it!