Yonder Quilt Along: Row 4

Yonder Quilt Along: Row 4

July1, 2019

Anneliese - Comments (0) - Yonder QAL

It’s Row 4 of the Yonder Quilt Along already. Where did June go? Anyone else curious how this summer is flying so fast? Ooof. So much to quilt so little time. It also didn’t help that this week the Gremlin wanted to cry for an hour at a time or that I broke a glass in the sink and cut up my hand. No bleeding or crying allowed on the fabric!

It seems fitting that Row 4 is the start of the flying geese in the quilt. I say fitting because the pattern uses the no-waste method of flying geese where you make four at a time. If you’re making it scrappy, then you can use the extras in other rows. However, if you’re doing your Yonder more controlled like I am then you have the start of some good back art. Below you can see what I have leftover after making my row. You’ll need ¼ yard of colorful fabric for Row 4.

You’re also going to want to trim every goose for good measure. It’s not my favorite part, but it does make everything go together so much easier. And I’m all for taking the easy way of fitting my quilts together. So you wind up with a bunch of little haystacks on your cutting mat.

After all your trimming, assembling your row is easy.

Make sure that your geese go beak to beak to keep the color balance. I also thought that this row really benefitted from the stabilization of the sashing underneath, not that it’s wonky, more that there’s a lot of seams. The sashing keeps the row to the right length.

And I mentioned it on Instagram, but I wasn’t sure that the fabric I picked for Row 3 shouldn’t have been swapped for Row 2, but after getting Row 4 on I think my first instinct of not switching them was the correct one. The lightness that is in Row 3 works well to blend into the very pinky-orange fabric of Row 4. Sometimes it’s not all about the hue of the fabric, but the value is important, too.

That’s just a round-about way of saying I think my gradient is shnazzy.