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Fabric Panic

Quilting is hard to understand and explain to outsiders. When I say outsiders, I mean those who give you the look when you come home beaming, arms full of new goodies from your latest shop hop. They just don’t understand why you needed that fat quarter, and it is a need. You see, I believe that
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Table Runner


Hey hey hey, the gang’s all here!  There are certain types of flowers that I always seem to make and therefore, applique onto anything that holds still. I decided to grab my favorites and make something with them. So without further ado, here’s the line up: Note: This was my first attempt at turned-edge machine
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Purse Pattern


So I know I have certain hang ups about being a 20-something year old quilter. A lot of the time, people are very supportive and positive and love to share. But there are some times that I still get asked, “Did your mom make that for you?” The answer is no, no she did not.
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Full House

Welcome to My Batiki Hut

This started as a challenge; there was a new Schnibbles pattern from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company called Full House featuring house blocks, surprise, made out of charm packs. I’m not normally one for charm packs. I have control issues with color. However, I found a mega charm pack of batiks at my local quilt shop.
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I Got the IPad for Work, But…

It is way more fun to do non-work things on it. 1. Snapseed This is a really cool and extremely user friendly app for photo editing. I could give you some very technical reason why I needed this app to take pictures of quilts and then tweak them and of course to put aforementioned tweaked
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Good Queen Bess

Bess and the Bard

Queen Elizabeth was the patron of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s plays were shown at the Rose Theater. The Tudor Queen Elizabeth’s symbol was a rose. I think you get what I’m going for, so without further ado, I present to you Bess and the Bard!

Thunder Snow

Imagine that; I create a line about frost and snow and we don’t get any in Nebraska until February. So, in honor of the first truly wintry day I bring you Thunder Snow! In this quilt, purple streaks of lightning dance across a snow-laden sky in an unusual log cabin block. Thunder Snow measures 42″ x
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